Hassi Berkine & El Merk (Engineering Supports)

JGC Algeria contract for engineering support services with Groupement Berkine (GB) started in 2005 and renewed in 2008, 2011 and 2014.

JGC Algeria services covered the following areas:

  • Offsite
  • CPF
  • Infrastructures


The offsite work is mainly:

  • Wells hookup (Oil and Gas Producer wells with Dilution water and Gas lift systems, Gas injector wells, Water injector wells, WAG injector wells, source water wells)
  • Gathering network extension & upgrade (Existing Field gathering stations (FGS’s) upgrade, Installation of new Field gathering stations, Installation of new flow-lines and trunk-lines
  • Study and calculation for existing flow-lines and/or trunk-lines for debottlenecking purpose.
  • Design and installation of new manifolds (Gas Injection, Gas Lift, Water Injection, Dilution Water)
  • Chemical injection at wells and manifolds.
  • Design of cathodic protection system and corrosion monitoring.
  • Debottlenecking study for Water injection ring-main.


The CPF work is mainly:

  • Upgrade and/or modifications of existing facilities as requested by the Company for oil treatment trains area, gas injection area, water injection area, produced water treatment area, storage area, fire water network, etc…

Example of existing CPF facilities upgrade and new CPF installations:

  1. Conversion of inlet separators from two phases to three phase
  2. LP flare trouble diagnosis study.
  3. Design & Installation of new Dehydration KO Drum.
  4. Design & Installation of New Glycol Reclaimer Unit.
  5. Design & Installation of new glycol circulation pumps.
  6. Design & Installation work for new Produced water Treatment unit.
  7. Design work for of new produced water filtration unit.
  8. Upgrade of existing fire water ring-main.
  9. Preparation of tie-ins Work Packs for future additional units (Gas injection train, NGL recovery unit)
  10. Handling of CPF gas capacity increasing.
  11. Installation of Chemical injection skids and chemical handling facilities.
  12. Design of new large evaporation pond.
  13. Revamping of Utility/Instrument Air Compressors

In addition to the above, many infrastructure facilities have been designed, such as:

  1. Extension of existing camp.
  2. Installation of new camp.
  3. Design of new restaurant, laboratory building, camp swimming pool upgrade, sewage treatment unit upgrade, Maintenance workshop building, Warehouse Building, covered parking’s, etc.